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I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you how much we appreciate your service. You guys are always quick to respond and your support is excellent! We use the program on a daily basis and it is the greatest program we have found. It continues to be an invaluable tool in our marketing efforts.

Mihai Crasneanu

Excellent product! I'm the CEO of an online DVD rental company and my marketing department was looking for an e-mailing tool. Your bulk email software brings better value than its competitors.

Michael Abbott USA

Your email sender is an outstanding software.
I can send personalized HTML messages without any hassle.
Actually I bought it the day I tried it, and it's worth the dollars.

Daisy Chou

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Frequently Asked Questions for 123 Hidden Sender


What happens after I send in the order?
A: You will receive an email confirming your order shortly after sending the online order form. Then, within 24 hours, you will receive your Init Code, and instructions to get started! If you do not get your code... or if you've lost it (Hey, it happens! :) ... please contact us . Please include your Order Reference Number or the following information
1. Your name;
2. Your e-mail address;
3. Approximate purchase date;
4 Any additional information you think will make it easier to find your order.
We will be happy to help you.

Is your online order form secure?
A: Yes, it is 100% secure.

How much will I pay for the technical support? Is it free?
A: Yes, it's completely free for all.


Can i try this software before I buy it?
Yes, the unregistered version of our software will allow you to send test messages one by one, so you can see that it is really anonymous. You can download it here.

What is the difference between the demo and the full registered version?
A: The demo version only allows you to send 200 email each time and it can only downloads a limited number of proxy servers. The full registered version is unrestricted. It doesn't have sending amount limit and it downloads 1000-4000 fresh proxy server each time.

Is it one license for one PC?
You can only use our software on a single computer. If you want to use it on any additional computers you will have to purchase additional memberships from us. It is free to transfer the membership from one PC to another PC. Anyway, you can't use the membership on more than one PC at the same time. To transfer membership, please unregister it by Help->Register->Unregister. And then register it on the new PC with your registed email.

What are system requirements for 123 Hidden Sender?
A: To use 123 Hidden Sender, you need the following:
Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/ME/2000/XP/Vista/2003/7/8 and any future windows version.
Internet Explorer 4.0 or later version.
A Pentium\Pentium-equivalent or later processor is recommended.
At least 10MB of storage on the system drive.
At least 32 MB of RAM for acceptable performance.
Internet Connection.


It can't work, why?
A:123 Hidden Sender may can't detect you DNS server address automatically, You need to enter DNS server address, please click the button [Settings] on the toolbar.
There are some available DNS server address, you may try.
If you are a registered user, you can send a diagnose to us if you still feel problems. Please run 123 Hidden Sender, click [Diagnose], enter your email address, press [Send], a message will send to us, we will help you soon.

How many emails can I send per hour with a DSL connection?
Speed depends on many factors. With a DSL connection and a 1K message you can send out about 20-30,000 emails per hour. Speed drops dramatically with bigger emails.

How to send mail faster?
0) Verify list before sending. A fresh and verfied list can be sent faster. To verify list, you can use 1st Email Address Verifier.
1) You can set more threads number by [Settings->Basic->Threads Number].
You can set it from 80-120 if you have a DSL connection.
2) Set less Retries. Click [Settings->Basic->Retries], set this from 1 to 2.
3) If you are a registered user, you can send a diagnose to us if you still feel problems. Please run 123 Hidden Sender, click [Diagnose], enter your email address, press [Send], a message will send to us, we will help you soon.

Should i use my home DSL network? Will my ISP know that i'm sending out bulk email?
123 Hidden Sender is a bulk email software program based on a unique know-how sending technology. It provides real anonymous instant delivery - you can use your regular Internet connection because your IP address will never be shown in the email headers. Proxy traffic does not look anything like email traffic. Your ISP will not find out that you are sending emails. You should not worry about using your home DSL.

What is the difference between 123 Bulk Email Direct Sender& 123 Hidden Sender?
123 Bulk Email Direct Sender and 123 Hidden Sender the both two software can send absolute ANONYMOUS bulk emails. But there are two difference.

1) Enter Proxy Server:
- 123 Bulk Email Direct Sender, you need to enter "Socks Proxy Server" to send ANONYMOUS bulk emails. We can also provide you some socks proxy server once you registered. You need to manage your proxy server list by yourself.
- 123 Hidden Sender, the program will download proxy server from our server, it can loads 300-3000 fresh proxy servers. We manage the proxy server list for you. We provide you with fresh, working proxies so you can focus on your mailing.

2) The registration fee:
123 Bulk Email Direct Sender has one time registration fee $149.95. No anyother fee needed.
123 Hidden Sender has a monthly membership, we have two types of memberships available: Month-to-Month Membership ($179 per month), 12 Month membership ($499 for 12 Month), and Lifetime membership($700). The current price can be found at buynow.

The program said my email was sent but I never received it. What's going on?
There could be a few things:
1. Your "from email" is not valid. At least the domain name of your from email has to be valid, and should not be the same domain you are mailing to.
2. Some domains provide false positive feedback. This means even if there was a problem delivering your email they say it was delivered.
3. Some bigger domains have advanced filters which learn your messages fingerprint after a while. Change your message and it will go through.
4. Some mailservers dump messages that come directly from cable/dsl modems without a reverse DNS record. To avoid this kind of filtering turn on random headers in the settings.

How to send HTML format email with 123 Hidden Sender?
1. Compose you HTML email in a third party HTML edit program such as FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver etc. Notice: if your email needs some images, remember to place all the images and the HTML file in the same directory level.
2. Import the HTML file into system. Click the button of [Import Web Page…] on the toolbar to do so.
3. (Optional) If you HTML file needs some images, please import these images as attachments.
4. Click the [Start] to send this email same as plain text format email do.
If you want to remove the HTML file, you can click the menu item of [Clear Web Page] to change the email format to plain text.

  What does the settings do?

Primary DNS: The primary DNS Server 123 Hidden Sender use to query the MX server of the destination domain. (Required)
Secondary DNS: When the primary DNS server doesn¡¯t work properly, 123 Hidden Sender will try to get the MX server of a domain from secondary DNS Server.
Charset: Selection the charset type of your language.
Threads Numbers : The maximum thread number of sending email simultaneously. The parameter is decided by your Internet connect speed and your computer ability. Suggestion: 1) More threads maybe need more timeout 2) Reasonable max thread mean faster sending speed.
Timeout: The max timeout of sending any email. Its unit is second. Noted: 1) Fast Internet connect speed can set litter timeout; 2) Often you can set this parameters between 60~180 seconds; 3) More timeout mean slow sending speed; 4) Smaller timeout may cause more failed sending status.
RetriesTell the system how many times it should retry to send if failure occurs.

Q: How to get high send out success rate?
A: Set more "Retries", then program will try more times to send out email. This will make the total send speed slower while get the high success rate.

Excluded Email Addresses: 123 Hidden Sender will NOT send email which in the Excluded Email Address files.

Progressive list loading block size: The program will load in your email list in blocks. Default value is 5,000. Minimum value is 500. If you are mailing mixed lists make sure this value is at least 5,000 so the program will be able to find more emails from the same domain in the given block and send them during one connection with the domain.
Email per session: Tell the system how many email it should send in one email session with the remote email server.

Is there a limit of how many emails I can send a month?
No there is no limit. Send as many as you want!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.

faq of bulk email software. Download 123 Hidden Sender now!
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